The Gin

The Gin

West Riding Dry

Delicately balanced with eight botanicals, our West Riding Dry celebrates classic gin recipes of old with the addition of roasted South American cocoa nibs!

It’s classic juniper and citrus notes meld well with the sweet undertones of liquorice root and provide the perfect botanical back-bone for hints of cocoa nib to appear softly in the finish.

Our West Riding Dry drinks majestically with classic tonic water, stirred and strained in a naked martini or simply over ice.

If you’re looking for a real flavour explosion, make sure you serve it with a long orange twist and a couple of fresh raspberries.

Rhubarb & Mulberry
Six botanicals from our West Riding Dry are distilled in very, very small batches and infused with Yorkshire rhubarb tisane and dried mulberries.

The classic juniper and citrus notes of our core gin are soaked with sweet rhubarb tisane and a hearty measure of mulberry and drink wonderfully with tonic, and natural lemonade.

This merry-go-round gin is inspired by our local rhubarb crops and infamous protected mulberry bush residing in the heart of Wakefeld city centre.

The natural sweetness of the dried mulberries and zingy notes of the rhubarb tisane pair wonderfully with fresh raspberry and orange peel.

Did you know? Yorkshire’s famous rhubarb triangle once produced 90% of the world’s winter forced rhubarb!

Curious about Cocoa?

We’re regularly asked what on earth roasted cocoa nibs have to do with Wakefield! Charles Waterton documented his explorations of South America and among discovering the three-toed sloth and documenting countless species, he also spent time on a rum distillery in Guyana.

This distillery in Demerara produces rum to this day and it is a core component in the St Abbs Reserve Rum that our very own David Owens helped to blend, design and launch in the UK. The link between the historic Guyana stills and Charles Waterton of Wakefield were only apparent to our Dave recently, but it was another sign that we should go ahead with the gin project.

The Guyana link also puts Charles Waterton firmly in the footpath of our South American Cocoa nibs. Cocoa and sugar cane share the same soil and grow in the same conditions and it made sense to use such a luxurious ingredient in our very own, and Wakefield’s very first, artisan gin!

Mysterious about Mulberry?

Wakefield’s famous mulberry bush resides in the local prison and is a legend of our old correctional facility. It is rumoured to be the birthplace of the famous nursery rhyme ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’ where female prisoners would dance around the tree with their children. It is believed that the prison mulberry bush was taken from a sprig from Hatfield Hall.

Although mulberry trees are sparse in the region today, they are historically tied into our city and are iconic to what we do today with our gin.

If we are ever allowed to inspect the prison mulberry bush you can be assured that we’ll find a way to get those berries into our gin!